These 5 contaminants in your tap water could be ruining your health (#3 will shock you!)

This surprising solution allows you to create your own pure water from air right in the comfort of your home.
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By Maia Botek
Last Updated September 1, 2023
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If you suffer from symptoms like an upset stomach, fatigue, or headaches, it could be the water that you drink every day. You may think that the United States has pristine tap water. But this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) recently released a report declaring that 45% of the country’s tap water could be tainted with PFAS, also known as forever chemicals.

They’re found everywhere, from non-stick cookware to your food’s packaging. Exposure to high levels of PFAS may lead to increased risk of cancer, high blood pressure, and other illnesses, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

One key way to prevent these chemicals is with Spout, which allows you to control where you get your water from. Spout is an atmospheric water generator that filters your air while generating pure water for a cleaner, happier, and healthier life.

Without a sanitary purification process that you trust (like Spout), you have little control over the tap water you consume, especially against forever chemicals.

And these chemicals might not be the only toxins in your water.
The CDC has alerted 5 other potential contaminants that can affect water supplies across the country, including the ones in your community!
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Pipes and brass fixtures are some of the causes of this contaminant, and it should always be removed as soon as possible to avoid causing damage to vital organs like the kidneys or your brain.

manure showing nitrate that is found in tap waterwarning sign

Caused by manure, fertilizer, and fecal runoff into water and can cause serious illness, especially for infants under six months old.

copper pipeswarning sign

This contaminant can be found in new constructions that use copper pipes and plumbing, and in excessive amounts, it can cause kidney and liver damage.

radonwarning sign

This contaminant is the second most common cause of lung cancer besides smoking cigarettes.

Arsenicwarning sign

Short-term exposure to arsenic can include vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, while long-term exposure can lead to an increased risk of diabetes and several types of cancer.

Top contaminants above health guidance levels
graph demonstrating chemicals found in tap water across cities
This graph highlights the distribution of five contaminants we surveyed from public water systems in 46 states.

You might be wondering, “So what?”

You may even think that your home filter is doing the job. But really, water is held to different standards that vary by location, water source, and maximum thresholds, some of which are not enforced or maintained.

Take 1,4 dioxane, for example. It's an organic compound that the EPA has deemed a likely carcinogen for humans. It’s thought to have contaminated water for more than 7 million Americans in 27 different states. Yet most in-home water filters do not remove 1,4 dioxane effectively.

When it comes to reducing the risk that tap water can pose, you’ve got a few options.

You could opt for a water delivery service, which isn’t energetically or financially efficient. Or maybe bottled water, though be warned –  for a family of four people, it would cost roughly $1,708 for an entire year. That’s about 610 times the cost of tap water! Not to mention, large water cooler replacements can take up space, are hard to manage, and delivery times are a pain to coordinate.

Instead, would you consider a way that:

  • Ensures safe water?
  • Doesn’t create tons of waste?
  • Isn’t a sunken cost?
  • Is easier, simpler, and tastes better?
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Meet the revolutionary water system

This top-notch air filter transforms your home's air, capturing pesky VOCs, odors, dust, smoke, bacteria, allergens, and germs (like COVID-19!), leaving you with fresh, clean air to breathe. Then, the filtered air passes through a clay wheel, where the water vapor is absorbed, released, and condensed.

It's then filtered and mineralized to provide you with tasty, fresh, particle-free water. Lastly, your Spout pitcher is filled, and a UV lid light (not chemicals) prevents anything from growing in the water. Your pitcher is charged inside the machine, so water is always sterilized, even while it's chilling in your refrigerator.

A transparent design means you can watch water transform right in front of your eyes!

It Just feels like magic.

It just feels like magic.
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Designed with help from an expert water chemist who has 50+ years of experience.

This product is tested to standards higher than the national average. Cutting-edge filtration technology—inspired by NASA innovations— delivers effective absorption no matter the particle size.

Why Spout’s The Obvious Choice

U.S. Tap Water
Bottled Water
Fresh delicious water.
Having a Spout AWG machine in my home brings my family fresh, delicious water every day from the air! The machine runs seamlessly and has cool see-through features, so we can see the water-making process as it happens.
Christine B.
So, why risk your health with poor water quality when you’ve got a clean, clear choice in front of you?

Feel amazing, taste the difference, and enjoy complete trust that your water is pure. Spout employs six levels of filtration to water that is produced, and it also serves as an air purifier for your home. Spout generates up to 2.5 gallons of water from thin air every day, so it’s perfect for home life or vanlife. Just plug it in and witness pure water... happen.

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Pre-order your Spout filter today for the freshest, most-purified water you’ll drink. Not only is it safe and healthy, but it also tastes amazing.
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