Atmospheric Water Generator

Get access to healthy water, effortlessly every day.
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Elevate your well-being: Get 6 levels of air & water filtration for healthier living.
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Save time & money: Effortlessly produce 2.5 gallons* of clean drinking water each day.
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Effortless: Just plug it in & witness pure water...happen...with no effort needed.
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Pre-orders, pricing & shipping info

You’ll be charged $99 to reserve your Spout machine, and when your machine ships, you’ll be charged the remaining amount. Remaining balances will vary depending on when your order was placed, as earlier orders pay the least (i.e., if you pre-ordered the machine when it was $599, then your remaining balance would be $500).

We're shipping the first batch of pre-orders in the summer of 2024

What’s included?
  • Spout machine
  • Always Fresh Pitcher
  • Air filter
  • Water filter
  • Owner's manual
  • 1 year warranty card
Product specs & details

Daily Production: 1-2.5 Gallons*
Power: 360-640 Watts
Power per gallon:  ~9 kWh / Gallon
T/H Range: 33°F - 105°F, 20 - 100% RH
Weight: 25 Pounds
Pitcher Volume: 0.6 Gallons
MSRP: $799
Wholesale: $524
Warranty: 1 Year
Service period: 3 Months, Air + Water filter
Rated Lifetime Est: 5 years
Dimensions: 8.5" x 19" x 15"
Solar requirement: ~2 kwh
Solar sq ft: 6 feet x 4 feet

How spout works

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Air is purified for higher water quality & a healthier home with a hospital-grade filter. Then, a desiccant wheel absorbs water & releases vapor for condensation.

Icon of the condenser used in the atmospheric water generator.

Condenser uses filtered air to cool and condense water. NASA-inspired technology filters then remineralizes water for purity and taste.

Icon of water drop from the UV lit spout pitcher.

UV-lit Spout pitcher ensures pure water, no chemicals & continuous sterilization.

The white Spout atmospheric water generator with water.
Water being poured from the Spout atmospheric water generator pitcher.
Pitcher of water from the awg machine showcasing UV rim.

always fresh pitcher

Our pitcher has UV technology built into the lid to continually purify the water, even when it's outside of the machine. This keeps the water pure whether it’s in the fridge or on the table.

Every Spout comes with one Alway Fresh Pitcher

Why Spout is the Clear Choice

U.S. Tap Water
Bottled Water
Map of US relative humidity showing where awg machine works.

where spout works

Spout works in most households. Temperature & humidity determine water production. Conditions above 20% RH and 70°F, or above 40% RH and 40°F, enable water generation. Production fluctuates by season, and high altitudes may impact output.

frequently asked questions

Explore Spout and find the answers to your questions below
How much water does your machine make a day?

Between 2-2.5 gallons of water depending on temperature/humidity.

What is the power usage?

~380-600 watts depending on conditions.

Can this machine run on solar?

Yes, we would recommend at least a 2Kw array.

How much are the filters?

Our air and water filter pack is $25 per quarter ($100 per year).

Do I have to change the filters? How often?

For optimum performance and the cleanest freshest drinking water, your Spout has a water filter and an air filter. Both should be changed every 3 months. We recommend subscribing to our filter pack. A subscription can be set up easily here and will ensure you receive new filters every three months.

Can I use other branded filters in the Spout Machine?

You can only use Spout filters. No other filters will fit your machine properly. Spout filters can only be purchased through our website.

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