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    Water & Air Filter Pack

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    Introducing the Spout “Drop”

    Ideal for apartments and homes, the Spout “Drop” is a countertop device that makes pure drinking water from the air.  Average production is between 1 and 1.5 gallons of alkaline water a day - no plumbing or installation needed.  Just plug it in and watch as Spout starts harvesting the water vapor in the air and converting it to delicious, purified  drinking water.  There’s a half gallon tank where the water is collected and a push-lever dispenser for quick and easy access. Once full, Spout will automatically shut off. As you consume water, Spout will start making more.  

    The custom Spout water filter ensures the purity of your water and our MERV13 air filter keeps your water contaminate free while also purifying  the air inside your home. Both Filters must be replaced every 3-4 months and are available from Spout through a convenient subscription service. 

    Full price is $599, and this $99 preorder will credit the final purchase of the machine. The next run of machines ships late 2023.


    The next run of machines ships late 2023.